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Carly + Erol

Carly and Erol had an absolutely stunning wedding at The Guild Inn Estate in Scarborough, ON.

Their wedding day was blessed with good luck as they were kissed by the sky. And though we weren't sure if we would be able to get all of our outdoor shots as planned, no one lost their positivity and instead everyone simply moved forward with a smile and their love for their family and friends.

Some time passed as we took some family shots until the skies parted just long enough for us to run out and grab a few fantastic shots of the wedding party. And what a party it was!

Just watching this group interact and laugh with one another truly gave us a sense of how much they all love each other.

We then quickly had to head back inside to get the dancing started. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure it ever ended as these people know how to party. And more importantly, they know how to love.

Carly + Erol

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