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Caleigh + Jon

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I first met Caleigh and Jon in high school in Sarnia, ON and I can tell you first hand that MANY of us that attended school with them knew that these two were destined to be together (possibly before they even realized it themselves).

The thing about destiny is that you don't always know when it will come to be. Like many of us, Caleigh moved away from her hometown and some time passed. A few years later Caleigh moved back to the area and they decided to meet up and reconnect at a coffee shop. It didn't take long before these two fell in love and decided to get married.

AHEM... "We told you so!"

It wasn't long after that I was fortunate enough to be asked to do the photography for both their Engagement and Wedding. As if it wasn't enough that two of my oldest friends were getting married, but they also wanted me to capture their special moments. I was truly honoured.

Their summer Engagement Session was so fun - mostly due to their awesomeness - and many laughs were had. I'm not sure who made more jokes that day; me or Jon... but I digress.

Anyhow... If you know Caleigh you're aware that she's passionate about classic love stories and all things Disney. And Jon? Well... Can you say Star Wars? So it was no surprise that these two enjoyed a Disney themed Wedding. Tables were named after famous Disney couples like Cinderella + Prince Charming and the hall was adorned with other Disney references in the greatest way!

There were many beautiful details about their day such as her hand-made paper flower bouquet (made from the pages of classic love novels) and much more.

Beautiful details. Beautiful couple. Beautiful Friends.

Caleigh + Jon

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